How to find the model number of Dell laptop?

Method 1 : Using the product label on your Dell laptop

For most Dell laptop, you can find the product model number on a label or sticker that is on the outside of the case.

  • Keyboard trim or palm rest
    Keyboard trim or palm rest
  • Cover or base
    Cover or base
  • Screen
  • Battery compartment
    Battery compartment

Method 2 : View in windows system

1. Right-click on the Start button and select System from the menu.

2. Windows Setting will open on the About screen.

3. The make and model number are listed under Device specifications.

Method 3 : Dell SupportAssist Application

SupportAssist is a Dell application that comes installed on your Laptop. When you open the application, your product model is displayed. If it’s missing, download and install it from the Dell Support website. The app displays the model number on the home screen.

1. Open Windows Search from the Start menu. Type SupportAssist.
Open SupportAssist

2. Select SupportAssist in the search results to open the application.

3. The SupportAssist home screen launches and displays the laptop model number, service tag, and other details.