High Quality Dell Inspiron 3481 Li-Polymer Replacement Battery

Dell Inspiron 3481 battery replacement
Dell Inspiron 3481 battery replacement
Dell Inspiron 3481 battery replacement
Dell Inspiron 3481 battery replacement
Dell Inspiron 3481 battery replacement
Dell Inspiron 3481 battery replacement
Dell Inspiron 3481 battery replacement
Dell Inspiron 3481 battery replacement
Dell Inspiron 3481 battery replacement
Dell Inspiron 3481 battery replacement
Dell Inspiron 3481 battery replacement
Dell Inspiron 3481 battery replacement
Dell Inspiron 3481 battery replacement
Dell Inspiron 3481 battery replacement
If your old battery is 15.2V, 56Wh, 4 Cell, please do not order this battery.

11.4V 42Wh Battery for Dell Inspiron 3481

  • SKU DNZ830
  • Condition Replacement, Brand New
  • Voltage 11.4V
  • Capacity 42Wh
  • Number of Cells 3 Cells
  • Cell Type Li-Polymer
  • Color Black
  • Size 191.80x103.20x5.60mm
  • Warranty 12 months
  • AvailabilityIn Stock
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Product Description
Top Quality

High Performance Battery
Made with lithium-ion cells from Sony, Panasonic, LG, and Samsung, Our Dell Inspiron 3481 laptop batteries has excellent performance as the originals. Compared to other batteries made of ordinary plastic, our battery is heat-resistant, durable, and drop-resistant because the shell is made of advanced PC+ABS material.

High Quality Low Price
Different from other cheap and low-quality OEM batteries, our Dell Inspiron 3481 replacement battery are made of the same material as the original specifications. We have cooperation with more than ten main manufacturers all over the world, hence we can supply the products with the best price and the highest quality.

Safety Protection
Our Dell Inspiron 3481 replacement battery employs high-quality IC cells, which possess multiple safety protection functions such as over-charging, high-temperature charging, and short-circuit.

Perfect Fit
As a manufacturer we are capable of creating the exact same mold as the original battery, this Dell Inspiron 3481 laptop battery replacement will match your laptop perfectly.

Why choose us?

Lower Price
We are a seller with well-manufacturing capabilities. We have been manufacturing batteries for brand laptops in the early days of development, hence you have access to our Dell Inspiron 3481 replacement battery at a very low price.

Longer Battery Life
Our Dell Inspiron 3481 replacement battery adopts high-quality battery cells specially provided by Sony, Panasonic, LG and Samsung, which can be used much longer time under the same capacity. Through having more than 1000 charging cycles tested, the battery life is longer.

Better After-sales
We have a professional customer service team that can solve your problems during installation and use. It would be inevitable for the battery go failed no matter how high-quality battery is. In this case, we provide Dell Inspiron 3481 replacement battery with a 30-day money-back and 1-year free replacement warranty.

More Secure Chips
Dell Inspiron 3481 replacement battery are 100% compatible with the original battery. Equipped with safety detection functions, the IC battery chips comply with CE/FCC/ROHS/UL safety certification standards, which makes you feel at ease and have peace of mind in using our products.

12 Kinds of Safety Protection
  • ESD Protection
  • Overvoltage Protection
  • Overcurrent Protection
  • Overheating Protection
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Over Discharge Protection
  • Class A Protection
  • Power Protection
  • Overcharge Protection
  • Charging Time Protection
  • Electromagnetic Protection
  • Intelligent Protection
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Compatibility List
The battery for Dell Inspiron 3481 sold by BatteryForDell.co.nz is non-genuine replacement. We mention the brand and model of the original manufacturer only to show the compatibility of our replacement battery so that customers can correctly purchase the replacements they need.
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Procedures & Precautions for purchasing.

  • Remark your laptop model or the part number of the original battery when ordering, after that, our staff will determine whether the Dell Inspiron 3481 replacement battery you purchased is correct or not.
  • Enter the correct delivery address when paying, and our staff will notify you to revise the valid address via email if it turns out to be incorrect or incomplete in case a failed delivery happens.
  • Have the email address and order number saved as they would be needed to be provided if there are any follow-up questions. Besides, we will also send you an email to confirm the order information.

Do I need to unplug the adapter after a full charge?

It would not be harmful to use the laptop by keeping plugging the adapter even it is fully charged, since the power will not be injected to the battery anymore and the laptop would be powered directly from the adapter.

There are multiple versions of battery listed on the Dell Inspiron 3481 page, which one should I pick up?

If it is a built-in battery, it may be different from the interface direction/shape. You need to disassemble and compare your battery with the one on our page. If it is inconvenient for you to tear it down, you are allowed to contact us and provide your laptop model.

Is the more batteries the better if my laptop supports multiple battery cells?

The more laptop battery cells you select, the larger capacity and the longer use time will be. It would be hard for us to expand the capacity with the same size so far, so the shape of the Dell Inspiron 3481 replacement battery will also be large when the number of cells increases. In general, the battery with more cells is designed to a shape that provides extra height, support and cushion for the laptop. If you prefer the normal shape of the laptop, please choose the original number of battery cells.

Do I need to run out of Dell Inspiron 3481 replacement battery capacity before charging again?

No, the life of lithium batteries is nearly fixed now, compared to the nickel-cadmium batteries used in the early years, as the latter needs to be recharged after running out of power in case the reduction of battery capacity. Our lithium batteries have at least 600 charge and discharge cycle times and generally be allowed to use for three years.